1. new multi-suite track

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    take care of the earth, and take care of yourself!

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    Whenever I see Stephen Gammell on my dashboard I feel morally obligated to reblog.

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  4. follow (m) on mixlr. broadcasting right now - forevr can i sleep inside ur menagerie 


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    I’m not sure if I should play the harp or go to bed

  8. sacrebleu. this is where i’ve been all these years…

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    Bottle, 1994-129-6, early 18th century. early 18th century. Labradorite, gold, carved stone cameos. 

    Perfume bottle,  ca. 1750. ca. 1750. Agate, gold. United Kingdom

    Bonbonniere,  ca. 1750  curving rococo gold cage work over gray agate. Hinged lid with white enamelled band showing the phrase, “Eloignez de vous rien n’est agreable” (Separated from you nothing is pleasant)

    i’m not usually into gold but these are absolutely beautiful works of art

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  10. forms

    so the stuff i’ve been creating are basically sketches of the type of things i’d like to expand upon in the future : a template or skeleton (a general “form”). having synesthesiæ - particularly chromesthesia - sounds will have a certain shape, color, texture, etc - so as long as i can document that in it’s most basic form, it’s true form (the way it exists in my mind) can always be accessed through that document, like an etheric bookmark …anyway,  i made two new tracks monday night and i’ll be posting them and talking about them a bit. i’m in a new dimension. welcome